The World Union of Mankind

One can also call the World Union of Humanity the World Federation, United States of the Earth or simply United Nations, if the nations are really united. In a world union all people are real citizens of the world. But this world union does not yet exist. That is regrettable, because we urgently need it. It is also regrettable that most people today still regard this World Union as an unattainable utopia. They lack knowledge and foresight. That is a great obstacle for the survival of mankind in a good future.

But the number of people who have knowledge and foresight for the future world union is steadily increasing. They see themselves as mondialists and do not allow themselves to be hindered by yesterday's ideologies. For them, the future clearly lies in a politically united humanity. But how must the World Union be organised for it to function? To answer this question, there are already many serious studies and concepts that not only list the current problems and mistakes of humanity, but also offer serious solutions. The right path to world union must become a scientifically founded, democratic process. A first step towards this is the establishment of a parliamentary assembly at the UN.

A World Parliament should create the world law necessary for the world union, on whose basis a world administration controlled by it can provide for world peace, global balance and the preservation of our natural bases of life. Without prejudging the details, we want to show why a world union is not only desirable for humanity, but indispensable.

We need the World Union because the nation states of the world are not in a position to halt the changes in the world climate and will not be in a position to deal with the catastrophic consequences that are already looming. Only a politically united humanity has the chance to preserve and protect its habitat for the future. This also applies to the managemeThis also applies to the management of technical and natural disasters, including pandemics, as well as the defence against imminent asteroid impacts.

We need the World Union because the nation states alone are not in a position to build a global system of solidarity balance that enables humanity to overcome national egoisms and realize global justice and equality of opportunity. Only in this way can conflicts between peoples be avoided and stable foundations for world peace be created.

We need the World Union, because the unrestricted sovereignty of the nation states poses a constant threat of war. In connection with the problems to be expected in the future, there is always the danger of an all-destructive world war. Only general and complete disarmament can prevent this. For this we need a global security system under the sole responsibility of the World Union. The internal security of states remains their own responsibility. The resources saved as a result are enormous and can be used immediately for the global system of solidarity-based compensation. In this way war will be abolished.

We need the World Union because it is the safest way to help democracy win all over the world without violence. The democratic institutions of the World Union create universally valid and enforceable international law. Disputes between individual states are no longer fought on the battlefields, but before the courts. Thus human rights must no longer remain a non-binding general declaration, but are part of world law. Nobody must then flee their homeland because of oppression, discrimination, violence, economic hardship or hunger.

We need the World Union so that humanity can continue to develop and expand into space. Without science fiction, the Greater Earth is a realistic concept for the relief and protection of our planet.

The technical challenges are gigantic and the political conditions will require an unprecedented degree of global cooperation. This is only possible if the countries of the world join together to form a federal world union and are not hampered by unresolved problems and conflicts.

We need the World Union to offer people - especially young people - a positive vision of the future that goes beyond the day. The children born in the next 10 to 15 years form the generation that is massively confronted with the problems of the future. They will bear the main burden to lead humanity into a better future. Our task today is to do the urgently needed preparatory work. May we not fail.

Don't let the current authoritarian, anti-democratic and nationalist tendencies unsettle you. You can't underestimate them, but they're remnants of a bygone time. They have no place in the future. Don't let the present problems stop you. Of course one should not close one's eyes to it and remain inactive, but every action, every protest is without perspective, if there is no clear, positive vision behind it. Unfortunately, this is still missing among many active people who are working for a better world.
Here the offer:
They are the nations united in a democratic World Union of Mankind.